what can I tell, when I'm still trying to understand myself...
About Me
aboutme I - Who am I? whats my identity, people call me by my name Prabhuraj Moogi, Is that what my Identity I dont know. Some chose to call me by what they like, Prabs, Praphu, Khan, Moogi even Modi!... I work in software industry, I earn my bread coding (by the way I love it). Basically from Bailhongal a Taluka in Belagavi District, currently call the city I love the most Bengaluru as my home.

I love to talk about myself, People say I am egoist, or as someone called me "self centric". I live with this person called me, every single moment, no matter what this me stands for myself, then why shouldn't I like my self.

Life has taught many lessons, and still teaching whether I like it or not. Its very simple, just pick up yourself and keep moving... destiny is death, journey is what life is, so live it...
About Site
aboutsite telprabhu - Its been my college days I was searching for nice email id and being a Telecommunication Engineer, thought to call it tel-prabhu. Thats how it all started, upon completion of Engineering, took up the career in Web application development, and it was always in my mind to create a site for myself. I created this telprabhu.com.