what can I tell, when I'm still trying to understand myself...
About Me
Who am I? whats my identity, people call me by my name Prabhuraj Moogi, Is that what my Identity I dont know. Some chose to call me by what they like, Prabs, Praphu, Khan, Moogi even Modi!... I work in software industry, I earn my bread coding (by the way I love it). Basically from Bailhongal a Taluka in Belagavi District, currently call the city I love the most Bengaluru as my home.

I love to talk about myself, People say I am egoist, or as someone called me "self centric". I live with this person called me, every single moment, no matter what this me stands for myself, then why shouldn't I like my self.

Life has taught many lessons, and still teaching whether I like it or not. Its very simple, just pick up yourself and keep moving... destiny is death, journey is what life is, so live it...
About Site
Its been my college days I was searching for nice email id and being a Telecommunication Engineer, thought to call it tel-prabhu. Thats how it all started, upon completion of Engineering, took up the career in Web application development, and it was always in my mind to create a site for myself. I created this telprabhu.com.