what can I tell, when I'm still trying to understand myself...
About Me
aboutme "I" - Who am I? What is my identity, I am called Prabhuraj Moogi, Is that what my Identity I don’t know. This must be very weird to read this, but this is how I think. OK let’s explore this person, Some chose to call me by the nick names what they like, such as Prabs, Praphu, Khan, Moogi even Modi (Yeah, I am Modi fan, u would have already made up plan to call me Bhakta! It doesn't matter to me. I like him, period.)!... You can choose one of these or come up with new one.

I love to talk about myself, People say I am egoist, or as someone called me "self centric". I live with this person called me, every single moment, no matter what this me stands for myself, then why shouldn't I like my self.

Let’s get into some history. Bailhongal is a taluka place in Belagavi district, there is a famous and well known family called "Moogi" in which I was born to Laxmi & Ashok Shivappa Moogi as first child, as ususal I had a very good childhood, I had lot of cousins and a big family to fill it with fun. I was in my hometown till SSLC and moved to Dharwad for PUC. I chose Engineering and got seat in Basavakalyan Engineering College Basavakalyan, District Bidar. Engineering days were worth remembering, I had wonderful college life. I came to Bengaluru (the city I love) in search of job, after hard struggle and little bit of luck got my first job in Asterysk as Junior Software Engineer. I still cherish those first few months of self-earning satisfaction. I moved to BearingPoint which was taken over by PWC later, and now part of Ness Technologies as Senior Manager Technical.

Life has taught many lessons, and still teaching whether I like it or not. It’s very simple, just pick up yourself and keep moving... destiny is death, journey is what life is, so live it...
About Site
aboutsite telprabhu - It was during my college days while doing my Engineering, I was searching for nice email id and being a Telecommunication Engineer, thought to call it tel-prabhu. That’s how it all started, upon completion of Engineering, took up the career in Web application development, and it was always in my mind to create a site for myself. I started hosting my site is geocities initially and later tried few other free hosting providers as well. I explored google sites as well as free service. Later at some point of time I bought this www.telprabhu.com domain and with my knowledge of initial days of career about hosting and custom application development started building this site.

This site has undergone several changes over time, I have done several experiments and put all my learning into it. I still keep it as simple html site, though I tried few pages with ASP.NET when I was working on ASP.NET but later decided to keep it lean on the tech stack.